Cons to formula feeding

Along with anything, there is cons to why or why not to do something. Formula feeding included. If a mother has been formula feeding their baby for some time and then decides that they want to breastfeed it might be a challenge because the body makes as much milk as the baby has demanded. So the more formula the baby has eaten the less milk the breast will make. Research shows that overfeeding your baby with cow’s milk and formula even in the first week of life can increase the risk of the baby being overweight which increases risks of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The risk for allergies and asthma also increases. Unlike breast milk, cow milk does not contain the immune boosting cells and nutrients that act as a shield against infections. Something to think about is if you leave breast milk on the counter for 30 minutes it will have less bacteria than it started with, and if you did the same to formula the amount of bacteria will have doubled. Unlike breast milk, formula can be contaminated. Cow’s milk formula also costs an extreme amount, averaging $2,000-$5,000 per year. Breast milk is free. All these things should not be deal breakers for choosing how to feed, but should be taken into consideration.   


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