Cons to breastfeeding


There is few, but there are cons to breastfeeding. As a mother, you will have less freedom. Yes it sounds selfish, but breastfeeding is like having a job where you are always on call. You have to be available day and night which can get exhausting, but that comes along with being a mother. Especially during the first few months when the baby is feeding every few hours.You have to make many lifestyle choices in addition. Such as the foods in your diet that you might enjoy. Also, if your partner wants to feed the baby they cannot, and might feel left out of that relationship. Breastfeeding can also be painful. There are many common problems such as sore nipples, breast engorgement which can cause it to be hard for the baby to latch on, plugged milk ducts which are small hard lumps in the breast, and mastitis which is swelling or inflammation of the breast tissue. Breastfeeding is not the only option, and does not have to be the only way to do it. Some mothers will actually chose to partially breastfeed while partially formula feeding. Some mothers only pump their milk.



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